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ASD, ADHD, SALT, SENCO, CAMHS – it's all mixed up into alphabet soup here!

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Flooding 101 nature images


As a mother of a child with ASD you soon learn how to deal with flooding.  Usually the plug left in the sink and the taps left on, or, as in the most recent case, cupfuls of water poured over the side of the bath, presumably for the satisfying sound of hearing it land on the bathmat.  The first clue is usually a pitter patter sound, which, with 3 kids and numerous cats, isn’t always immediately identifiable as water dripping through the ceiling.  However as soon as the ‘splat splat splat’ sound is correctly identified as water landing on the kitchen table, defcon 1 goes into action.  The siren call of “FLOOD” goes out, and hopefully there’s another adult around to implement a two pronged attack.

Adult #1 must confront the bathroom floor with a sizeable towel or two in order to stem the tide of water seeping through the floorboards and downstairs.  Adult #2 must make a hole in the ceiling to allow the water to escape without bringing down the entire bulging edifice. In fact, holes in my kitchen ceiling are so important that I am resistant to any well meaning attempts to fill them! Once the holes are open and a steady stream of water is pouring into the kitchen then suitable receptacles may be placed to catch the surprising amount of water displaced from the bath.

If there is only one adult present this requires being in two places at once (standard operating procedure for an ASD mum) and her daily step exercise! Once these immediate requirements are met then the adult(s) will need to, in no particular order:
yell at remind the culprit that the bath water stays in the bath
dry the culprit who is blissfully unaware of the pandemonium they have created
run downstairs with heavy soaked towels to stuff in the washing machine, dodging buckets and pans along the way
mop up what water escaped the buckets etc and is presenting a very real danger of aqua planing to the adult busy mopping and shoving towels in the washing machine

After these tasks have been accomplished the adult(s) may have chance to dry themselves off having undoubtedly got damp on the process. However as the rest of the bedtime routine must be completed they may have to dry on the go!