Mummy's Alphabet Soup

ASD, ADHD, SALT, SENCO, CAMHS – it's all mixed up into alphabet soup here!

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Thought of the Day

Blank lined notebook page with pen

One of the most exciting things in the world is an empty notebook.  Why?  Because it has the potential to be something awesome!  A new blog post for instance, a novel, a screenplay, a poem, an awesome recipe.  It is blank, just waiting to be filled with life and ideas.  However much we may embrace the digital age, a notepad and pen will never go out of fashion.  A true writer or artist will always enjoy the organic feel of their ideas spilling across the page.


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Hello and welcome!


If you’ve made it here it’s more than I almost did! But I think it’s time I stopped muttering to myself and the cat and let you unfortunate lot listen to my ramblings.  A single parent of one daughter diagnosed with ASD and ADHD, a son with suspected ASD, and a small person who is hopefully NT (normal, to you and me), although her tendency to spin round in circles has me worried sometimes!  As you can tell I am used to running the full alphabet soup, and my repertoire of acronyms and initials would put a gathering of intelligence and law enforcement agencies to shame!