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A Day In the Life

It’s been a day like any other
First one appointment, then another
Rushing about from pillar to post
Pausing to grab a slice of toast

First I must go and learn how to be free
It seems I must make time for me!
‘When?!’ I cry in deep despair
(I wonder what I’d look like with long hair?)

I dash back home to clean the front room,
Wipe the sink, tickle the floor with a broom,
Whiz around and make the bed.
What on earth have you done to it this time Fred?!

It’s nice to have some time alone
Best make use of it – where’s the phone?
It won’t be long before the kids rush in
Making their usual horrendous din!

Tulip’s going swimming, she packs her things
While she jumps around, dances and sing.
I check her bag as she’s ready to go:
An accordion dear? Not really, no!

That’s one out of the way, it reduces the noise.
“Ouch” I yell as I stand on their toys!
“Shhhh, Mum,” they say.  “We’re watching our telly!
And Peppa Pig has only one welly!”