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Thought of the Day – Entitlement

A few days ago I posted about the shooting in Santa Barbara and how shocked I was at the sense of entitlement the perpetrator had. Then today I realised how we are bringing up a generation of kids in the exact same manner and that adults with these beliefs are just going to grow in number.

Today I was in a car park and there were a couple of lad crossing the car park, about 10 or 12 years old.  They walked across the car park oblivious of me driving towards them.  I tried to steer round them but they just walked straight into my path.  Fortunately (?) I missed them but as I grazed their toes (I’m kidding!) they yelled at me “just run us over then”.  I was actually nowhere near running them over and replied to the effect that they should watch where they were going.  They replied with three and four letter answers in the region of “f*** off” and “d*** w*d”.  I replied with a couple of choice similar length words: “car park”.

What shocked me more than anything was not at being sworn at by a couple of kids, but the fact that I was unsurprised and in fact expecting to be sworn at by a couple of kids.  These two boys believed it was their right to walk across a car park without checking for cars.  That it was the drivers’ responsibility to stop and let them go.  And this is by no means an unusual occurrence.  I live on an estate where the kids think it is their right to wander down the middle of the road on their bikes, and if they dash across the back of your car when reversing, if you were to run them over then it is your fault, despite the fact that you couldn’t even see them.  These same kids think that if there’s something in my garden or car that they want, then it’s their right to take it.

Where do these kids get this belief from?  That they are entitled to their right of way and even to swear at complete strangers?  It can only be from their parents? As a child I was taught responsibility – as a pedestrian, check for cars.  And if I had ever had a go at an adult, let alone sworn at one, I think I would have been on bread and water for a week!  But that is not what we are teaching our kids anymore.

So what will be the result of us teaching our kids that they are ‘entitled’?  More deaths and manifestos like the one in Santa Barbara. So which way are you going to teach your children to be? Entitled or respectful?


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Stealth Tactics

So I was listening to the Frozen soundtrack the other evening trying to relax myself for bed. Yes, I listen to the Frozen soundtrack and sing along when the kids aren’t around. Well I must have had the music on a bit too loud because the Tulip crept onto the landing to listen. I walked onto the landing to see which child it was and she went running back to her bedroom trying to pretend it wasn’t her! Bless her heart, I wonder when she will realise that sniffing loudly is not in the stealth handbook!

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A Day In the Life

It’s been a day like any other
First one appointment, then another
Rushing about from pillar to post
Pausing to grab a slice of toast

First I must go and learn how to be free
It seems I must make time for me!
‘When?!’ I cry in deep despair
(I wonder what I’d look like with long hair?)

I dash back home to clean the front room,
Wipe the sink, tickle the floor with a broom,
Whiz around and make the bed.
What on earth have you done to it this time Fred?!

It’s nice to have some time alone
Best make use of it – where’s the phone?
It won’t be long before the kids rush in
Making their usual horrendous din!

Tulip’s going swimming, she packs her things
While she jumps around, dances and sing.
I check her bag as she’s ready to go:
An accordion dear? Not really, no!

That’s one out of the way, it reduces the noise.
“Ouch” I yell as I stand on their toys!
“Shhhh, Mum,” they say.  “We’re watching our telly!
And Peppa Pig has only one welly!”