Mummy's Alphabet Soup

ASD, ADHD, SALT, SENCO, CAMHS – it's all mixed up into alphabet soup here!

Stealth Tactics

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So I was listening to the Frozen soundtrack the other evening trying to relax myself for bed. Yes, I listen to the Frozen soundtrack and sing along when the kids aren’t around. Well I must have had the music on a bit too loud because the Tulip crept onto the landing to listen. I walked onto the landing to see which child it was and she went running back to her bedroom trying to pretend it wasn’t her! Bless her heart, I wonder when she will realise that sniffing loudly is not in the stealth handbook!


Author: Heather Hurst

Mum to three adorable (?) kids: Tulip, a delightful young lady who is the main authoress of our alphabet soup, being diagnosed with ASD and ADHD; Tobias, a cheeky little boy who objects to being called cute who shows all the signs of ASD; and Daffodil, a small person who has dreams of grandeur and although mostly NT likes to keep me guessing by spinning in circles and other ASD traits! We live somewhere in Wales with varying numbers of cats and I spend most of my time on the phone to the various acronymed services!

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