Mummy's Alphabet Soup

ASD, ADHD, SALT, SENCO, CAMHS – it's all mixed up into alphabet soup here!

A Day In the Life

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It’s been a day like any other
First one appointment, then another
Rushing about from pillar to post
Pausing to grab a slice of toast

First I must go and learn how to be free
It seems I must make time for me!
‘When?!’ I cry in deep despair
(I wonder what I’d look like with long hair?)

I dash back home to clean the front room,
Wipe the sink, tickle the floor with a broom,
Whiz around and make the bed.
What on earth have you done to it this time Fred?!

It’s nice to have some time alone
Best make use of it – where’s the phone?
It won’t be long before the kids rush in
Making their usual horrendous din!

Tulip’s going swimming, she packs her things
While she jumps around, dances and sing.
I check her bag as she’s ready to go:
An accordion dear? Not really, no!

That’s one out of the way, it reduces the noise.
“Ouch” I yell as I stand on their toys!
“Shhhh, Mum,” they say.  “We’re watching our telly!
And Peppa Pig has only one welly!”


Author: Heather Hurst

Mum to three adorable (?) kids: Tulip, a delightful young lady who is the main authoress of our alphabet soup, being diagnosed with ASD and ADHD; Tobias, a cheeky little boy who objects to being called cute who shows all the signs of ASD; and Daffodil, a small person who has dreams of grandeur and although mostly NT likes to keep me guessing by spinning in circles and other ASD traits! We live somewhere in Wales with varying numbers of cats and I spend most of my time on the phone to the various acronymed services!

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